New Sportspal Canoes

Are you looking for new canoes for sale in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region to enjoy the beautiful summer weather on a lake? You are in the right place! Saguenay Marine offers the best canoes in Jonquière.

Our brand new Sportspal canoes are the best there are. The American manufacturer, an expert in this area for a number of years, offers unique boats with features that don’t need any explanations:

  • Inner foam lining for paddling in silence
  • Foam side floats for stability
  • Constructed from a single sheet of marine aluminum
  • Impact resistant – will only dent rather than puncture
  • Lightweight thus offering excellent load capacity
  • Solid lower keel for protection and better maneuverability
  • Standard two laminated paddles
  • Extruded inner ribs for added strength
  • Two nylon carrying handles at each end
  • 30-feet anchor rope
  • Standard motor mount on pointed models

We also have new and used accessories for sale to customize your canoes such as oars, life jackets, canoe racks for your ATVs, and many other nautical accessories. We also have outboard motors that are very easy to attach to your canoe.

Contact us now should you have any questions about our Sportspal canoes. Our team will be happy to guide you to your new canoe.