Acclaimed Maintenance Service

Enjoy one of Québec’s best maintenance services at Saguenay Marine in Jonquière! Our customers come from all around the province to enjoy our expertise in terms of repairs, modification or upgrade for vehicles of all kinds.

Our strength really resides in everything marine-related. Our mechanics are experts with more than 25 years on the job. It’s safe to say that they know each engine, each boat, each pontoon like the back of their hand. Moreover, thanks to our sophisticated computer programs, we are able to diagnose and fix any kind of issues that arise. As a matter of fact, our expertise is so great that other dealers often call us to benefit from it.

Here is an overview of what we’re capable of:

  • Start up: mainly for boats in spring
    • Fluids removal
    • Fluids addition: oil, Prestone, lubricant, liquid coolant
  • Winterization:
    • Empty all liquids to avoid any damage to the engine (liquid coolant, water)
    • Prestone addition
    • Boat storage in a huge indoor building
  • Oil change or other regular maintenance for boats and motorsport vehicles
  • Maintenance and mechanical repairs for motorcycles, boats and snowmobiles
  • Modification:
    • Adaptation for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility
    • Floats removal
    • Boat refurbishing
    • Pontoons floor change
    • And more
  • Accessory installation:
    • Cabin addition for a snowblower
    • Float addition for a boat
    • And more
  • Marine motor issue diagnostic with various levels of complexity for the commercial and recreational sectors. Lobster, crab and shrimp fishers from Gaspésie often reach out to us for help!

Enjoy our services now and contact us!